Dowry Magazine Winter Edition

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Editorial: Preparing for the Lord’s Coming

The bleak state of the world and Church should not dishearten us: rather, it should lead us to give thanks for every small achievement granted by God. There are signs that seeds planted some decades ago have started bearing fruit, by God’s grace, Fr de Malleray observes.

The Catholic Doctrine of the Angels

Oxford theologian Fr John Saward has written a new and accessible summary of the Catholic faith on the fascinating topic of uncorporeal created spirits, good and evil. Fr de Malleray reviews the book that explains why fear the demons and why rely on the good angels.

Dr Jordan Peterson, Commonsensically Ours

Sophia Rumpus reports on Dr Jordan Peterson’s recent Conference at the O2 Academy in London. She explains that Peterson, a clinical psychologist, author, and educator has risen to influential fame for speaking common sense to the modern audience. The absence of religious belief makes the younger generations even hungrier for truth. 

Ivan Merz, A Youth Passionate For the Liturgy

Seminarian Stjepan Androić, FSSP describes the life and work of his fellow-Croatian Blessed Ivan Merz (1896–1928). The young layman had identified the Roman liturgy of his time as the richest vehicle of sanctification. His example shows that no only experts, but any of us Catholics, may become passionate for the way we pray and be strengthened in our faith.

On the Liturgy as the Highest Form of Art

Whereas Richard Wagner defined opera as the total form of art encompassing all other cultural expressions, Bl. Ivan Merz points to the Roman liturgy as the deepest implementation of that ideal, uniting music, poetry, choreography, painting, sculpture, architecture, goldsmithing, sowing, and sculpture in the most harmonious praise to God.

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