About the FSSP

The Priestly Fraternity of St Peter (FSSP) is a Clerical Society of Apostolic Life of Pontifical right founded by Pope St John Paul II in 1988. The mission of the Fraternity is two-fold: firstly, the formation and sanctification of priests; and secondly, the pastoral deployment of the priests in the service of the Church. The Fraternity of St Peter accomplishes this mission using the liturgical books in force in 1962, as specified in its decree of erection in 1988, confirmed by a decree of Pope Francis dated 11 February 2022.

With the approval of the Holy See and the permission of local bishops, the Fraternity’s priests provide for the full sacramental life of the faithful, administered according to the liturgical books of 1962. 

Since 2010 the FSSP has been active in Ireland. In 2011, the Fraternity began its Sunday Mass in Wexford (the Diocese of Ferns), and in 2020 it began its first permanent apostolate in the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore.