Annual FSSP Vocation Weekend

25-27 Nov 2022; St Mary’s Priory, Warrington, England

Starts 5:00pm; ends 2:00pm

If you are a single Catholic man between 18 and 30 years of age, come and discern with us at St Mary’s Priory & Church.
Shrine Rector Fr Armand de Malleray, FSSP will lead the Weekend, assisted by Frs Ian Verrier, FSSP, Alex Stewart, FSSP and Fr Gerard Quirke.
There will be talks, prayers (Divine Office in our beautiful church), Holy Mass and informal chatting with fellow guests. Possibility of private meetings with a priest, and of confession. Feel welcome confidentially to call, email or write for any questions.
Location: St Mary’s Priory.
FREE for unwaged and students.
Others: £60 per person in total.

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BOOKINGS & CONTACT: [not via Facebook] (read by Fr de Malleray only); 01925 635664 (Priory’s Landline).


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Editorial: What Fear In The City?

Fr de Malleray comments on the fear felt by many souls confronted with growing uncertainty in the Church and secular pressure from the world

The English Pope (Part One)

While another English cardinal has just been created, young convert and historian Adam Mercer describes the rise to prominence of one Nicholas Breakspear, who later become the first (and latest) English pope.

Homily for First Mass of Fr Gwilym Evans, FSSP

Fr de Malleray welcomes the newly ordained priest as he begins his pastoral ministry in England. Fr Evans is reminded of being a man of the sacred, better to serve souls, including the most vulnerable ones. Diligence and love for God, especially in the Blessed Sacrament, conditions a fruitful priestly life.

Can A Catholic Wear Tattoos?

Niall Patrick Carroll reflects on Fr Mike Schmitz’s “Awesome Tattoo”. Why this recent trend of tattoos, now spreading even among Catholics? What criteria help one discern whether tattoos are bad, indifferent or positive? Our souls are where the divine imprint should show, now and forever.

Mgr Benson’s Novels on Catholic Persecution

The newly started Cenacle Press at Silverstream Priory in Ireland has released a beautiful illustrated edition of Mgr Hugh Benson’s classic novels describing the persecution of Catholics in England under penal times. A timely reminder and an encouragement as genuine religious freedom is under threat even in Western countries.

The Sacred Liturgy as a Secret Garden

In his latest and short book, Fr de Malleray offers an analogy between Frances Hodgson Burnett’s pre-WWI tale for children and the revelation experienced in the 2020s by a growing number of adults stepping into the grace-filled haven of the traditional Roman liturgy.

NB: this evening Mass takes the place of the usual 1pm Monday Mass.

Mums and Tots Group

Monthly meet up for mums and young children on the second Monday of the month after 1pm Mass in the Parish Room. Starting 8th August. All are welcome! Teas and coffee provided. For more information please contact Mairéad at

The Sacred Liturgy as a Secret Garden

New booklet by Fr de Malleray, FSSP:

This booklet explains how so many people came across the traditional Latin Mass during or soon after the Covid pandemic, and why they love it.

The well-known children’s story The Secret Garden lends itself to a religious and modern interpretation. Like orphaned children in desperate need of spiritual comfort, many Catholics discovered the traditional Latin Mass thanks to the Covid pandemic. Thirsting for Confession, for Eucharistic adoration, or for Holy Communion administered with reverence, they rejoiced when finding all this and more in traditional worship. This book offers an analogy between Frances Hodgson Burnett’s pre-WWI tale for children, and the revelation experienced in the 2020s by a growing number of adults stepping into the grace-filled haven of the traditional Roman liturgy.

Praise for The Sacred Liturgy as a Secret Garden

A very clever treatment of the novel The Secret Garden. That well-known children story should be read twice—firstly, as any reader would read it just for enjoyment, and then again after reading Fr de Malleray’s fascinating hermeneutic of tradition, because the enjoyment and appreciation would be much greater.

Leo Darroch, former President of the International Federation Una Voce

An imaginative essay, whose poetic nature is a timely invitation to rediscover the forgotten riches of the Church’s traditional liturgy.

Fr Simon Henry, BA MA, Director of St Peter’s International College

This essay is intriguing, creative and sufficiently provocative to maintain the reader’s interest. The variety of expression is refreshing. Readers of all ages will enjoy discovering the liturgical treasures that lie hidden in the Secret Garden.

Fr Neil Brett, former head teacher

* * * * * 

Size: 5.25 x 8

100 pages

ISBN: 978-1-990685-23-1 | 10.95 USD

Schola Workshop for Boys

Starting at 4pm on Wednesday 20th July in St John’s Church, finishing just before 5:30pm Mass.

Changes in the Mass Schedule

Monday 11 July – Mass at 6:30PM, feast of St Oliver Plunkett

Wednesday 13 July – Mass at 8AM

Thursday 14 July – Mass at 8AM

Friday 15 July – Mass at 8AM